Coaches for Sale

At Excalibur, we select only the finest pre-owned luxury motorhomes in the industry. With our long service and maintenance history, we are able to select the cream of the crop and then prepare them for resale.  We are able to bring each coach we sell up to the highest customer expectations.  We also provide full service and maintenane after the sale.

Available for immediate purchase and delivery

2001 Newell Triple

2001 Newell Triple

Recently Sold Coaches

2006 Country Coach Magna Quad
2005 Prevost Liberty Double
2005 Beaver Quad
2005 Newell Double
2004 Prevost Featherlite Double
2003 Prevost Featherlite Double
2003 Prevost Royale Coach Non-Slide
2002 Prevost Featherlite Single
2002 Prevost Country Coach Double
2001 Prevost Angola Non-Slide
2000 Prevost Liberty Non-Slide
2000 Prevost Royale Coach Double
2000 Prevost Royale Coach Non-Slide
1999 Prevost Featherlite Non-Slide
1999 Prevost Featherlite Single
1998 Prevost Featherlite Double
1997 Prevost Featherlite Non-Slide
1997 Prevost Country Coach Non-Slide
1992 Prevost Marathon Non-Slide