Being a 1st time RV buyer and researching what kind of RV to buy, I found a used 2003 Prevost Liberty Elegant Lady. She is a beauty but had a few issues that needed immediate attention. I took my new baby to Excalibur Coach and explained my concerns and issues with Doug. My biggest concern was to take her to some repair shop and not feel like a big giant dummy. I have no clue what this big girl needs to be safe and beautiful on the road.

Doug and Nick were amazing!

With their expert input, I decided to upgrade the floors which were dated and hated. The headlights were old and square. Much like a beautiful lady with fading good looks, I could envision a few nips and tucks to improve her beauty. I had a many halogen interior lights that were fine but were so hot to the touch and power suckers. All were replaced with LED. My Corian countertops were dull and had scratches from use. My Tivolli lights were only half working and my air supply was leaking like an old bucket. My house batteries were way past their expiration date. I had a cracked wheel. My water heater was set too high. So many issues! Doug and Nick went thru the entire coach and with the help of their experienced crew, you should see her now! I am so proud of her and so happy with the expert knowledge and care I received at Excalibur Coach. She has been restored back to the million+ dollar beauty she once was. Will I go back to Excalibur Coach? You Bet! Check out my pictures and see for yourself…. Lana Lorraine