Prevost Upgrades

Excalibur can upgrade you luxury motorhome to the highest and latest standards for comfort and technology. New floors, new under belly bays, new beds, new TVs are all possible.  Examples of some of our work are displayed below, just select a category to see pictures of how we do it.

2011 Daytona 500 ARCA Sponsor
Awnings H3-45 Prevost Girard Awnings with caps
Awnings Prevost H3-45 2001 Marathon added Girard
Awnings Prevost XL II with Top Awnings and Farings
Awnings Prevost XL Top Mount
Awnings and Farings
Bunk Beds Prevost and Motorhomes
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Upgrades
Computer Tables
Dash Upgrades
Dinette Breakfast bars
Dinette Side Door removed and dinette installed
Dinette Swivel table
Dishwashers Prevost and Class A
Flooring MotorHome-Prevost
Interior Remodels
LED Ceiling Lights
Observation Decks
Prevost XL II Excalibur Headlight Upgrades
Prevost 1 H3-45 Complete 2012 Upgrades Front, Rear and Fender upgrade
Prevost 1a H3-45 2012 Front Upgrades
Prevost 2 H3-45 2012 2012 Facelifts 4 together
Prevost 3 H3-45 2012 Fender Upgrade
Prevost 4 H3-45 2012 Engine Door Upgrade
Prevost 5 H3-45 Headlight Upgrade
Prevost Entertainer upgrades and service
Prevost Exhaust customized
Prevost H3-45 2012 Front Facelift Upgrade 2001 FTHR 2001
Prevost H3-45 2012 Upgrade 2002 Nascar Car Owners Featherlite 2012 Upgrade with all new Paint
Prevost H3-45 2012 front upgrade FTHR 1997 upgrade
Prevost H3-45 Body Upgrades
Prevost H3-45 Entry Door New Style Window
Prevost H3-45 Seated Coaches Body Upgrade
Prevost Storage Bay Upgrades
Prevost XL Headlight Update
Prevost XL II 2012 Complete Front Upgrade
Prevost XL Tail Lights Prevost Coaches
Shower Upgrades
TV Upgrades
Upholstery Dinettes Motorhomes and Prevosts
Upholstery Drivers and Passenger seats
Upholstery Facing Dinette Booth
Upholstery MotorHomes and Prevost's
Upholstery Prevost Motorhome Entertainer
Upholstery Sofa's Motorhomes and Prevost
Upholstery valances windows Motorhomes and Prevost
Washer Dryer